Thursday, March 03, 2011

Humor Chic - Führer Karl Lagerfeld vs John Galliano, we stylists are not all the same... we are even worse!

Führer Karl has shown a vicious brutality against John Galliano by declaring:

"I'm furious, if you want to know. I'm furious that it could happen, because the question is no longer even whether he really said it. The image has gone around the world. It's a horrible image for fashion, because they think that every designer and everything in fashion is like this. This is what makes me crazy in that story. The thing is, we are a business world where, especially today, with the Internet, one has to be more careful than ever, especially if you are a publicly known person. You cannot go in the street and be drunk - there are things you cannot do… I'm furious with him because of the harm he did to LVMH and Bernard Arnault, who is a friend, and who supported him more than he supported any other designer in his group, because Dior is his favourite label. It's as if he had his child hurt."

However in such cases wouldn't it have been more serious and respectable for an old colleague to remain silent and show compassion instead of wanting to ride the media wave bringing about yet another massacre at all costs... on the poor skin of a lonely man, psychologically weak, already slammed to the ground and being incessantly attacked on all sides? Obviously some Stylists are even worse than that! And while we condemn Galliano's words we do not want to become accomplices of those who want to see him end up like Alexander McQueen... sometimes one should show Compassion and Forgiveness, Pick yourself up Galliano

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